Sathyabama University-B.Tech in IT 4th Sem-Operating Systems Papers


Operating system provides an interface to the users which helps them to interact with the Computers and get their work done. Operating System provides them various tools and other necessary things so that they can properly utilize the resources which are available and carry out the various tasks assigned. Hence it has been included in the curriculum of Information Technology students.

Paper pattern:

The question paper consists of short as well as long answer type questions. The students should prepare all types of answers for this examination. The question paper has two parts: part A and Part B. Part A is divided into many short answer the questions. The number of questions in the first part is 10. The students can easily answer the questions in one or two lines or with definitions when required. The second part consists of `ten questions. These questions may or may not be further sub divided.

Marks distribution:

The marks are distributed between the two parts. The first part carries 20 marks and ten second part consists of 60 marks. Both the parts consist of compulsory questions. That means the candidate has to answer ten questions from Part A and ten questions from Part B. Part B has some questions that have choices. . The questions meant for the questions are provided at the right hand side of each corresponding question.

Time allotted and maximum marks:

Time allotted for answering the question paper is 3 hours. The students must maintain the time limit and complete the answers within the time limit. The maximum marks for the questions are 80.

Points to be remembered:

The questions are objective as well as subjective. The students must answer the questions accordingly. The question paper also consist of derivations hence the students must keep the derivations in mind for higher score. Derivations carry good marks hence the candidates must prepare them well.

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