TNOU MBA-Second Year-Marketing Research and Consumer Behavior (MSP-40) Papers


The Tamilnadu Open University is one of the foremost institutes of the south imparting education in the various fields of science and commerce. The field of management especially has gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of decades.

Importance of the paper

Management is a branch of studies that ensures really high paying jobs in the country and across the globe. Thus more and more students are showing interest in this particular field. The area of interest in the paper of marketing research and consumer research specifically is the ability of the candidate taking the exam in predicting the consumption patterns based on the observation of the current market trends It stresses a lot at the innovative skills of the student since in the actual job one has to come up with new ways each time to convince the customers. Thus the paper largely deals with the question that tests the innovative skills of the candidate in identifying the causes of the market fluctuations.


The whole paper is of 75 marks with a particular format which is explained below.

Paper pattern

The paper consists of the two parts and the first part has five questions of which the candidate needs to choose any three and answer them correctly. The second part consists of questions of which the candidate needs to pick any four and answer them correctly.


The first part contains three answerable questions. Each question carries five marks. Each question in the second part carries fifteen marks. There are no negative marks awarded. The candidate is expected to write the answers to the point in a simplified manner to score the most.

Some questions from the question paper

The questions that most frequently feature in the question paper are

What do you mean by consumerism?

What is a questionnaire?

Write short notes on market research.

What is market segmentation?

Time allotted

A total of three hours is allotted to complete the paper which is about adequate.

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