Associateship Examination-Fire Insurance Underwriting Papers


The Associateship Examination mainly deals with the diploma degree from a well renowned insurance institutes. For getting this degree, one will have to clear three main examination stages.  There are certain criteria that must be attained by all the candidates in order to sit in this Associateship examination.

Qualification required for that exam:

For appearing in the Associateship Examination, one must have a successful score in the Licentiate examination which deals at first level. Without a qualifying score, sitting in this examination is impossible.

Scores and negative markings:

Fire Insurance Underwriting Paper has more or less similar marking scheme as other Associateship Examination papers. And as this paper is a subjective one, there is no point of negative marking.

Mode of exam:

The Fire Insurance Underwriting Papers deals with paper based exam and each candidate is provided by an answer sheet on which answers are to be written. Candidates are allowed to bring their own pen/pencil in order to write the answers.

Format of the paper:

If we go by the normal trend of the previous year’s questions paper then Fire Insurance Underwriting paper is a conventional one where you have to write answers in an answer sheet.

Paper pattern:

Most of the times the Fire Insurance Underwriting paper has 10 questions and any 8 questions should be answered. The last question i.e. 10th question has been assigned 16 marks, and it is you who will decide whether to answer it or not. All other questions has been assigned a weightage of 12 marks.


Total marks is 100, but if any candidate answers 8 questions from the first 9 one, then his total marks would be 96. As the last question has 16 marks, answering it along with other 7 questions will make it 100 marks.


Fire Insurance Underwriting paper must be completed within 3 hours.

Books recommended:

Fire Insurance Underwriting by Prentiss B. Reed

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