Associateship Examination-Fire Insurance Claims Papers


Formerly recognized as the Federation of Insurance Institutes, I.I.I. or The Insurance Institute Of India conducts examination for their professional courses, Associateship being one of them. In Associateship exmination, Fire Insurance Claims paper is one of the important and scoring papers.

Eligibility Criteria

It would be important to mention here that Associateship examination has two branches, Life and Non-Life. For you to be eligible to write Associateship examination, you would need to pass Licentiate examination; and if you have cleared licentiate exam in Non-life branch you cannot write for Associateship Examination-life branch and vice-versa.

Question paper pattern

Paper on fire insurance claims has a total of 10 questions in the paper and out of that you have to answer only 8. However, each question doesn’t carry equal marks; question number one contains 16 marks and the remaining questions are all of 12 marks. This certainly makes question number one compulsory, provided you don’t want to lose out on 4 marks. Besides, this paper doesn’t have any multiple choice questions.

Moreover, question paper is set in two languages, English and Hindi and you have the option to choose any 1; and that must be done at the time of application submission. Besides, you cannot write half of your question paper in Hindi and the remaining half in English.

Total marks and Time Allotted

Fire insurance claims of Associateship examination is 100 marks question paper and total time given to write the same is 3 hours.

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