Baba Farid University B.H.M.S 1st Prof. Anatomy-A Papers


Anatomy is study of internal part of human body and human organs. It is a complex part of the degree. The subject is very good, and the study in the field provides a great job opportunity after completing the degree.

Importance of the paper:

Paper of the Anatomy is a compulsory paper and it gives depth knowledge of internal parts and human organs of human body. It is the most complex part of human structure.

Paper Pattern:

Paper of Anatomy is divided into 2 groups, Group A is of 3 compulsory questions and one is of short answer type questions and 1 question is of long answer type questions. Group B is of 3 questions and 1 question is of short notes. Group B has questions which have sub-questions and each have equal marks. It is a tough paper and there may be questions which requires diagram to be answered.

Frequently asked questions:

Questions in the paper are asked as right atrium of heart, Larynx,spinal cord, interossei of hand, Harvesian system, circumflex nerve, derivatives of ectoderm, formation and drainage of Cerebro-Spinal fluid,, histology of thyroid, various sub-arachnoid, medical surface of right lung, claw hand, adductor canal superficial palmer arch, effects of lesion of right optic tract, blood supply of stomach, histological structure of tonsil,elbow joint, development of tongue, decidua, fornix, prostate etc.

Marks and time:

Total marks which can be scored in the paper are 70 and time which is allotted to the paper is 3 hours only. There is a chance to score full marks in the paper if students can write their answer according to the question.

Recommended Books:

  • Anatomy by Richard L. Drake
  • Atlas of human anatomy by frank h netter
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