Baba Farid University B.H.M.S 1st Prof.-Homoeopathic Pharmacy Papers


The paper implies training of aspiring candidates in knowledge of treatment of the affected using diluted solutions called homeopathic medicines. Here in the candidates are taught the different ways to access and diagnose the symptoms of various infections using homeopathy. Homeopathy is a cheap but powerful tool in medicines.

Importance of paper:

The paper is very important for the future practitioners who want to set up their private nursing homes as well as for the research workers. Homeopathy being a cheap and powerful tool to diagnose diseases and cure them is very popular throughout the world and is a great career option.


The question paper consists of two sections. The first section consists of three questions with each question carrying unequal number of marks. Pattern of questions is the same in the second section except for the markings which are different in each case. The questions are put up from the entire syllabus of the 1st Prof Course and the students need to go through very well.

Frequently asked questions:

Pharmacological effect and pharmacological molecules, law of similars, isopathy, flower remedies, vertinary applications of homeopathy, diagnosis of some common diseases using homeopathy, electromeopathy and how it evolved from homeopathy, action of zinc gluconate on glands, preparation of zicam and galphima glauca, zicam cold remedy, histamine dichloride, disadvantages of overdose of homeopathy medicines, homeopathic vaccines, characteristic symptoms of material medica, difference between classical and complex homeopathy, use of alcohol bases in liquid preparations of homeopathic medicines.

Time and marks:

The maximum marks are 50 and the candidates are given time not more than 3 hours to complete the paper.

Recommended books:

Homeopathy by Omar Fizz,

Homeopathy by David Moffat

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