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Software or Film making?

I am in a dilemma. I am 36 and a software engineer. When I started my career as a software engineer I did very well but for the last couple of years I am unable to make a mark in the software field because something else is bothering me. I have always liked story telling and wanted to become a film director for a very long time though never took required steps to achieve that. I didn't take it seriously in the first few years as a software engineer before marriage, you could say procrastinating and thinking that I have all the time in the world and just educating myself by watching many great films.

Every thing changed after my marriage and I am becoming more and more anxious whether I will ever become a film director and now trying to work towards that. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to spend quality time on reading screenplays, learning writing, studying films these days and my in-laws have expressed concerns over my changing careers now, especially becoming a film director since it carries with it a risk. They had not taken my film interest seriously all this while, perhaps I am to blame because there was no indication of doing anything on that and should have planned it earlier. As it is I am occupied with my software work and I have my share of frustrations now in this field. The politics around me, seeing no promotion or hike in spite of hard (and good) work I sometimes wonder if its also because of my standing on two boats (software and film) that I am not able to have that extra commitment in software that could make all the difference. This is debatable though. Cause my mind is elsewhere and having not spent enough time nurturing that story telling talent (via reading and writing) I am undecided now

I love my family but want to strike a balance with my aspirations and want to just stand on one boat (i.e, either software or film) and not clutter my mind with too many things that I am unable to achieve a breakthrough in any only causing anxiety to my family. We are a middle class family so I don't have two much luxury here

Other than watching many great and classic films, reading few books there is very little I have done in this though I wanted to. Time is limited, what are your thoughts? I feel silly asking these questions sometimes I feel I have the answer, but am looking for an perspective

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Software it is because of the following reason which you gave,

-> You are 36 years old which means you already have crossed the age of taking risk in career setting. If someone wants to try out new and go behind there dreams as career then they should try it out from the age of 23 - 30 years which is safer for doing experiments.

-> Never taken steps before. Somethings in life have to be done in the right time if not it's better not to go for it again. Just think that you skipped it for your own good to be in the positive side.

-> Family and in-laws watching you. Remember you are no more single to take a big decision in life which indirectly affects others in family. If at all everyone accepts and supports then it makes sense to move for the next step.

-> No promotion and hike - this cannot be a reason for you to change your career from Software to Film making if it is then probably you are in the wrong direction. It should be your passion which should make you to go for film making and not just because you think that software job is failing you. No promotion and hike is a key issue for all the software co-workers, best thing to come out of this is to rotate company and not just being in the same one forever.

-> Middle class family - Unless there is no proper finance backup you cannot just quit your job to set career in Film Making. It's known that it will take quite a long time even if you feel that you will make it big time in Film making but then till that time you need to make sure that you will feed your family everyday without any worries. If that's not possible then sacrificing your Film Making dream for your family would weigh more than what your mind says to go for Film Making? Hope am right in this.
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