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Where can I do an internship in the field of interior design?

I am Tanushri Tiwari I AM A GRADUATE. I have done graduation. I B.A (English honors) after that in have done a diploma in craftsman training scheme (CTS) from the National skill training institute (NSTI NOIDA). I want to do an internship in the field of interior design. in view of the above, please let me know where I can do an internship in the field of interior design.

is there any govt? jobs available in India in the field of interior design.

27th June 2023, 03:21 PM
Aiman Afifa
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Default Re: Where can I do an internship in the field of interior design?

Candidates can do internship in the field of interior design:-

*Interior Designer
BANSAL Designs
Siliguri, West Bengal

*Internship - Interior design
Cogmac Technologies
Noida Uttar Pradesh

*Interior Designer Intern
Qzen Decors
Delhi, Delhi
27th June 2023, 06:22 PM
Doctor Tom
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Default Re: Where can I do an internship in the field of interior design?

There are several options for internships in the field of interior design:-

1. Interior Design Firms
2. Architecture Firms
3. Corporate Design Departments
4. Retail and Furniture Companies
5. Event and Exhibition Companies
6. Non-Profit Organizations

Government jobs after completing an interior design course:-

1. Government Facilities
2. Public Works Departments
3. Historic Preservation Agencies
4. Housing and Urban Development Authorities
5. Educational Institutions etc.
28th June 2023, 01:55 AM
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Default Re: Where can I do an internship in the field of interior design?

Where can I do an internship in the field of interior design?

To find internships in the field of interior design, the candidate can explore the following avenues:

1. Interior Design Firms,

2. Architecture and Design Studios,

3. Interior Design Companies,

4. Design and Decor Magazines.
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28th June 2023, 04:57 AM
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Default Re: Where can I do an internship in the field of interior design?


1. Artizn Design Works,

2. Shahil Wamim,

3. Merkir,

4. Abhyaz,

5. The Design Palette.
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29th June 2023, 10:13 AM
A Erenbeni Ovung
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Default Re: Where can I do an internship in the field of interior design?

In an internship in the field of interior design, you can gain valuable experience and develop skills by participating in various tasks and projects. Some common activities and responsibilities may include:

1. Assisting with design concepts: You may work closely with senior designers to develop design concepts, mood boards, and presentations for clients.

2. Space planning: You can assist in creating floor plans, furniture layouts, and organizing spaces effectively to optimize functionality and aesthetics.

3. Material and product research: Interns often help with sourcing materials, finishes, furniture, and fixtures for projects, which involves researching suppliers, visiting showrooms, and creating material sample boards.

4. Creating design drawings: You may have the opportunity to create detailed technical drawings, including elevations, sections, and construction details, using CAD software or by hand.

5. 3D modeling and rendering: Interns often assist in producing 3D models and visualizations of interior spaces using software like SketchUp, Revit, or 3ds Max.

6. Collaboration and client interactions: You can gain exposure to client meetings and collaborate with various stakeholders, including architects, contractors, and suppliers.

7. On-site visits: Internships may involve accompanying designers on site visits to monitor progress, ensure design intent is being followed, and assist with problem-solving.

8. Administrative tasks: There may be some administrative duties involved, such as organizing samples, creating project presentations, and maintaining project documentation.
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Default Re: Where can I do an internship in the field of interior design?

In the field of interior design, there are various opportunities for internships that can provide valuable hands-on experience and enhance your skills. Here are some potential avenues where you can consider pursuing an internship in interior design:

1. Interior Design Firms: Approach local interior design firms in your area or nearby cities. Many firms offer internships to individuals interested in gaining practical experience in the field. Contact them directly, inquire about internship opportunities, and submit your resume and portfolio for consideration.

2. Architecture Firms: Architectural firms often have interior design departments or collaborate with interior designers. Research architecture firms in your locality and check if they offer internships in interior design. Express your interest and share your qualifications to explore potential opportunities.

3. Design Studios: Look for design studios that specialize in interior design or have a dedicated interior design division. These studios may offer internships to individuals with a passion for interior design. Research and reach out to them to inquire about internship possibilities.

4. Home Improvement Companies: Companies involved in home improvement, remodeling, or renovation projects often have a need for interior design assistance. Check if there are any local home improvement companies or contractors who may offer internships in interior design. This can provide exposure to real-life projects and client interactions.

5. Furniture and Décor Retailers: Some furniture stores or décor retailers have in-house interior design teams or offer design consultation services. Explore opportunities to intern with such retailers where you can gain experience in space planning, furniture selection, and design visualization.

6. Event Management Companies: Event management companies often require interior design expertise for planning and executing events. Consider approaching event management firms to explore internships where you can contribute to the design and decoration aspects of events.

7. Freelance Opportunities: Explore the possibility of working as a freelance interior design intern. You can offer your services to clients who may need assistance with small-scale projects or specific design tasks. This can provide flexibility and allow you to gain diverse experience.

When seeking an internship, it's important to create a portfolio that showcases your skills, including any relevant projects or assignments from your diploma program. Tailor your resume and cover letter to highlight your qualifications and express your enthusiasm for interior design.

Additionally, utilize online platforms and professional networks specific to the field of interior design. Websites like LinkedIn, Behance, and Houzz can be valuable for networking, connecting with professionals, and finding internship opportunities.

Remember to research and understand the specific requirements and expectations of each potential internship opportunity. Reach out to the respective companies or organizations directly to inquire about their internship programs, application procedures, and any specific qualifications they may require.
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Default Re: Where can I do an internship in the field of interior design?

Interior Design Internship Jobs in India:-

1) Interior Design Internship in Pune at Creative Ventures.
2) Architecture & Interior Design Internship in Multiple locations at Formatrix.
3) Interior Design Internship in Pune at AndSpaces.
4) Architecture/Interior Design Internship in Pune at Archirior Design Consultancy etc.
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