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Syllabus for Elevtronics corporation of India limited recruitment exam?

What syllabus have to be studied for Ecil exam? I mean to say for Elevtronics corporation of india limited

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Default Re: Syllabus for Elevtronics corporation of India limited recruitment exam?

Electronics Corporation of India Ltd (ECIL) conducts Graduate Engineer Trainee Exam to recruit the candidate for the post of Graduate Engineer trainee.

Network graphs, Fundamental circuit matrices, Solution methods: nodal and mesh analysis, Network theorems, Thevenin and Nortonís maximum power transfer, Superposition, Wye-Delta transformation, Steady state sinusoidal analysis.

Electronic Devices:
Energy bands in silicon (Intrinsic and extrinsic silicon), Carrier transport in silicon, Diffusion Current, Drift Current, Mobility, Resistance, Generation and recombination of carriers, Diodes.

Analog Circuits:
Small Signal Analysis, Diode Circuits, Clipping, Clamping, Rectifier, Biasing, Amplifiers, Sinusoidal oscillators,Filters, Function generators and wave-shaping circuits, 555 Timers, Power supplies.

Digital circuits:
Boolean Algebra, Digital IC Families (DTL TTL ECL MOS CMOS),Minimization of Boolean Functions,Logic Gates,Combinatorial circuits,Code Converters,Multiplexers, Arithmetic Circuits.

Signals and Systems:
Fourier series,Fourier Transform,DFT and FFT,Z-transform,Sampling theorem, Linear Time-Invariant (LTI) Systems, Signal transmission through LTI systems

Control Systems:
Open loop and closed loop (feedback) systems, Signal flow graphs, Transient and steady state analysis of LTI control systems and frequency response, Tools and techniques for LTI control system analysis, , Routh-Hurwitz criterion, Control system compensators.
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