Madurai KamrajUniversity, B.A. In Economics, Fundamentals of Computer Science Papers


Economics is a word which describes the business based relationship between the consumer and product or the market. It describes the public sectors such as taxes and their regulations, market prices, profit or loss. Fundamentals of Computer Science is a necessary subject in every course as in present world, everything depends on this.

Paper Pattern:

The Question pattern of Madurai Kamraj University, B.A. in economics, fundamentals of Computer Science papers is a subjective paper. Answers should be accurate and must be to the point. Questions in the paper are divided into two sections, Section A consists 8 questions from which 4 are to be solved and Section B consists 6 questions from which 3 are to be solved. Every question has sub-questions of it which makes it easy for the candidate. Section A is to be answered within 1 page and section B is comparatively long answer type questions.

Frequently asked questions:

Questions asked in the paper are fundamentals questions of Computer and its history, candidates appearing in the paper should have these fundamentals knowledge. Questions asked are History of computer, Introduction, Structure & schematic representation of computer, Binary codes, languages, parts of computer, Generation of computers, ASCII codes, Networking, Operating system, HTML, Search engines, working with Microsoft Office, WWW, e-mail, viruses, computers troubleshooting etc. Questions are needed to be answered as accurately as possible.

Total Marks and time allotted:

Total marks in this paper are 100 and maximum time given to the paper is 3 hours. The paper consists of two sections, Section A is of 40 marks and 4 questions are to be solved for that whereas Section B  is of 60 marks and each question in this section is of 20 marks.

Recommended Books:

Fundamentals of Computer by Prachi Publications
Fundamentals of Computers by E Balagurusamy

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