NET Performing Art - Dance/Drama/Theatre (Paper II) Papers


This is very interesting and very great field to excel in life, a study of – seven established classical dance styles in terms of origin, history and development. Other well – established dance traditions like Chhau, Satriya, etc are also taught. The influence of martial arts on the regional dance forms also forms the part of this paper.

What is taught in this paper?

The paper teaches about the basic knowledge in Cultural History of India, Knowledge of major epics.A study of the ‘nritta karaaas’ of the Natyashastra and their importance. The students are taught the various forms of Indian Classical Dance.

Importance of this subject

The subject is the first step towards becoming the professional in the field of dance, drama, theatre. Passing this paper gives you the chance for next level paper which is the ultimate requirement. Without this nobody is allowed to become professional in the field.

Paper Pattern

The paper pattern for II Paper of NET performing Art in Dance/Drama/Theatre is developed for the students to completely enhance the basic knowledge regarding this field. NET Arts Paper II has 50 multiple choice questions. A separate OMR sheet is provided to the student to mark the answer. Each question gives you 2 marks. There is no negative marking for wrong answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

The questions that are asked in the paper are regarding the Cultural History of India, Knowledge of major epics General Cultural aspects, The Natyashatrric Tradition, Ancient Practice of Natya, Indian Aesthetics, general knowledge of Indian Classical Music-Hindustani and Carnatic and their tala patterns, Forms of Indian Dance and Drama in General, South East Asian Dance /Drama, Pedagogy in Dance and Drama

Time allotted to complete the paper

Time allotted to complete the paper is 1 hours and 15 minutes. The students are supposed to complete the paper in this time duration only. No further time extension will be allowed to the students in any case.

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