Orthodontologist - How to become an Orthodontologist?


Orthodontology is one of the specializations in dentistry and is a fast growing area. This branch is mainly concerned with several teeth straightening and cosmetic dental procedures. Orthodontic issues are of different types and intensity. Some of the prominent issues are cross bite, crowded teeth, overbite and widely spaced teeth. An orthodontic procedure gives the complete results in about 6 to 24 months. The physicians who specialize in Orthodontology are called Orthodontologist. They are the professionals who work in the cosmetic branch of dentistry.

Qualifying Exam

Orthodontologist usually need a special degree in orthodontology. At first they have to pursue the pre-medical graduation, i.e. MBBS. After completing this they can join for the doctor of medicine in dentistry and specialize in orthodontology. For practicing as a licensed orthodontologist, one has to undergo residency programme in this specialized field after the graduation from a reputed medical school.

Who is eligible to apply?

Students who have completed their higher secondary education or equivalent with biology as major from any reputed institution can apply for the pre-medical courses. Admission to this course to various colleges will be based on the entrance examinations organized by the concerned universities. After this five year graduation they have to specialize in dentistry. This will be of four year duration. On completing this specialized degree they have to do the residency programme in orthodontology to become a licensed orthodontologist.

Key points in the process

  • Clear the 12th examination or equivalent with Biology as major from any reputed schools. Focus more on the biology subjects from this level itself.
  • Appear for the pre-medical entrance examination and get admission in any reputed medical institution. Pursue the generalized degree from there.
  • Join the medical school and pursue MD specialized in dentistry.
  • Gain experience in Orthodontology field by undergoing a three or four year residency programme.

Skills required for an Orthodontologist

Orthodontologist requires specialized skills to perform well in their field. Most of the dentists refer their patients to orthodontologist to treat the cosmetic disorders of patients’ teeth. They need in-depth knowledge in the various methods of treatment that has to be applied in patients’ teeth. Since children are most prone to the orthodontic problems, they also need special training and skills in pediatric dentistry.


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