Philologist – How to become a Philologist?


Philologists studies about the structure and syntax of specific language or a group of languages. They analyze the ancient and modern language and research on the evolution of words and its accent.  Philologists thus research on both literature and linguistics. As they study about the evolution of words, a tinge of history also include in their studies. They may need to visit specific areas to gather information regarding the language or language group. Thus this job is very interesting to those who have keen interest in language and research.

Qualifying Exam

Those who are aspiring to become a Philologist should first of all obtain Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics after completing their senior secondary education. They should then complete their Master’s degree in Comparative Philology. Ph.D in Comparative Philology is also required for the aspirants to pursue their career as Philologists. Therefore the candidates should complete this doctoral course after completing Master’s degree so as to get the job of Philologist.

Who are eligible to apply?

Those who have passed their senior secondary examination can apply for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics if they have obtained required marks in language. After completing this undergraduate course, one can apply for the Master of Arts course in Comparative Philology. Candidates can pursue their Ph.D in Comparative Philology right after completing this Master’s degree successfully. There may be State-Level or All India Level entrance test for getting admission to all of these courses. In that case, the aspirants should qualify that entrance test to achieve their goal of becoming a Philologist. Those who possess Ph.D in Comparative Philology can apply for the job of Philologist in the concerned organization. They can search for the career opportunities in the linguistic department of various universities.

Key elements in the process

  • Complete Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics
  • Obtain Master’s degree in Comparative Philology
  • Pursue Ph.D in Comparative Philology
  • Browse through the advertisements to find out job openings

Skills required for a Philologist

Strong analytical and research skills are very necessary for Philologists as their job demand long hours of research. They should have good interpretation skills as they need to translate various forms of text. Multilingual skills are also essential for them to pursue a successful career.


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