Radiotherapist - How to become a Radiotherapist?


Radiotherapists are specialists who work with physicians in treating cancer patients. As part of their work, these professionals locate the position of cancerous cells and tumors within cancer patients and also find out the extent of its growth with the help of specialized technical equipments. They also monitor patients in the treatment process so as to assess the efficiency of treatment and to interpret the patient’s physical and psychological conditions.

Qualifying Exam

In order to become a Radiotherapist, aspirants have to pursue the Bachelors’ or Associate degree program in Radiation Therapy. Those who have studied the short-term programs in Radiation Therapy can find entry-level positions in the field. The post graduation program in Radiotherapy helps aspirants to reach senior most positions in the sector. The Radiation Therapy courses are available at doctoral levels also. Those who have keen interest in research and development can study the PhD programs in the respective areas. They should have completed the Radiation Therapy courses from a recognized institute to become a licensed Radiotherapist. On completion of their course, Radiotherapists can seek out for career in health cares, medical institutes, research laboratories, Cancer wards, and so on.

Who is eligible to apply?

A strong Science background is essential to pursue the Radio Therapy courses. Those who have studied intermediate course in Science group can study the Bachelors’ course in the respective areas. Mostly diagnostic radiographers, registered nurses and radiology technologists pursue the Certificate courses in the relevant subjects.

Key Points in the process

  • First of all, complete the 10 years of Schooling.
  • Study the intermediate course in Science disciplines.
  • Earn a graduate or associate degree in Radiation Therapy.
  • Continue with Masters’ studies in the relevant fields for career progressions.
  • Pursue M Phil / PhD programs, for doing research works.
  • Search out for employments in Government or private hospitals.

Skills required for a Radiotherapist

In addition to their technical know-how, Radiotherapists require some key skills. This includes problem-solving and intellectual skills. It may help them to act in emergencies. They should have good language skills also to co-ordinate with the patients as well as physicians. Radiotherapists should be up-to-date with the new technologies so as to carry out their work in the best possible way.


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    I am a student of DMRT.MKCG Medical college,Odisha.
    I would like to higher study in RADIOTHERAPIST..
    How can i higher study in this way?
    Plese send me in my mail(I HAVE NO MORE TIME)
    Abinash Panda

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    How many year to radiotheraphy degree to x ray techbnician?

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    Abinash panda:

    I am a student of DMRT,Orissa in MKCG medical college.
    How i higher study in this way?
    What is the process?
    I want to know the colleges where i study this way higher education

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    i want to know about any field in medicine which has more scope and more job availabilities….. i finished my 12th and secured 50% ….
    with this percentage which stream will i get in medicine….im confused…

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    Nidhi Ram:

    how to become an CID officer ?