University of Kashmir-Faculty of physical & Material Science Test- Environmental Science Papers


The University of Kashmir is one of the leading institutes of the north imparting education to all the sections of the society in any area of interest. The field of environmental science is a very diverse one and involves a number of offshoot branches. It is one of the most sought after branches in the country because of the pollution level that has increased significantly in the recent years and the harm that has been done to the environment. The paper is based on the entire curriculum. The candidates might even feel the paper to be difficult but with a little understanding it can be simplified the whole lot.

Importance of the paper

The subject is immensely interesting and due to the fact that it has a direct impact on our living standards. Besides due to the same reason a lot of job opportunities are available for the students pursuing the subject. The damage that has already been done to the environment needs to be fixed and new ways to substitute the sources of pollution need to be discovered. Thus the innovative minds can really find a lot of usability.


The whole paper is of 60 marks and one mark is allotted for each question.

Paper pattern

The paper consists of the60 multiple choice questions covering the 60 topics predefined by the university syllabus.


Each question carries one mark and the candidate taking the exam is expected to pick one of the given choices.

Some questions from the question paper

The questions that most frequently feature in the question paper are

Laterite soil comprises of :

Which one of the following does not pertain to scientific concept in the origin of solar system and earth?

Laplace’s Nebular hypothesis

Different soil horizons


Water Cycle

Acrolein, an air pollutant

Recommended books

The most popular books are Bioavailability, Toxicity and Risk Relationships in Ecosystems by CRC publishers and Environmental Science: Earth as a Living Planet by Daniel B. Botkin, Edward A. Keller, and Hardcover: 752 pages, Publisher: Wiley.

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