Urologist – How to become an Urologist?


Urologists are the doctors who treat various disorders that affect the urinary tracts and male reproductive system. They can treat various disorders related to urinary bladder, urethra, kidney, prostate and male reproductive organs. They will perform physical examination on patients and undertake several diagnostic tests if required. These doctors will use different medical equipments for diagnosis according to the extent of the conditions prevailed in the patients.

They will then discuss the test reports with the patients and suggest treatment for the concerned disease. They will give treatment for several disorders like kidney stones, testicular cancer, male infertility, Parkinson’s disease and incontinence. Catheters, radium emanation tube and cystoscope are some of the equipments used by them for the treatment.

Qualifying Exam

Urologists should have MD or DNB in Urology. Those who aspire to become Urologists should therefore obtain a MBBS degree. After that they will become eligible to pursue MD or DNB in Urology. After the successful completion of this degree or diploma, these candidates can practice as an Urologist in any hospital.

Who are eligible to apply?

As Urologists need MBBS degree, candidates having strong aspiration to become Urologists should pass their plus two examinations with the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Then only they will become eligible to apply for the entrance test conducted for the admission to MBBS course. Candidates can pursue their MBBS course on obtaining good score in the entrance test. Candidates who have successfully completed the MBBS course can apply for the entrance test conducted for the admission to degree or diploma course in Urology. Candidates who obtain good score in this entrance test can pursue their degree or diploma in Urology and practice as Urologists after completing it successfully.

Key elements in the process

  • Pass plus with the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • Obtain MBBS degree
  • Obtain MD or DNB in Urology
  • Apply for the job

Skills required for an Urologist

Urologists should have good knowledge about the various medical technologies available in the concerned field. They should be aware of various urological conditions which can be affected on the patients. They should be able to handle various equipments used for the treatment. They should have the ability to work for long and irregular hours.



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