Baba Farid University B.H.M.S 1st Prof. Physiology-A Papers


The Physiology paper deals with the general studies of the physiology of chemical and physical differentiation of the human body. The paper also provides the measurement techniques of blood pressure. The detailed knowledge of taste and smell are also included under the syllabus of 1st prof. Physiology-A papers. The different functions of plasma protein are also given in detail in this paper.

Why Physiology has been included in BHMS Course?

The Baba Farid University B.H.M.S 1st Prof. Physiology Papers is amongst the major subjects amongst all the papers included under this course. One can choose this paper for further studies. This subject fulfills the balances of the course and students get proper knowledge about different chemical reactions taking place inside the organisms considering human beings. The students need to complete the entire syllabus within the time period as allotted by the university.

What Paper pattern you can expect?

The B.H.M.S Physiology paper is divided into two parts under which the entire subject deals with. The paper format is different for these two groups of papers. From the entire syllabus, only five questions are asked from the Physiology-A Papers. All the questions are necessary to attempt by all the students appearing for the first year examination.

Which questions you can expect in the exam?

The Physiology-A Papers holds very few numbers of questions that are repeated from this paper. The questions are regulation of body temperature, control of respiration and structure of skin etc. The paper includes same of the questions that are important to cover like the important functions of certain proteins, various chemical reactions etc.

Marks and time:

The complete marks that this B.H.M.S 1st Prof. Physiology-A Papers holds is 90 and the time span given to solve all the compulsory questions is three hours.

Recommended books for Physiology-A

  • Physiology book by Indu khurana
  • Physiology book by linda s costanzo
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