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Physiology is an important part of MBBS degree. Physiology deals with the functioning of the living systems. How cells, organs, bio-molecules, systems etc. perform physical or chemical functions are included in this subject. Human Physiology deals with the functioning of various organs and organs systems in human body. Physiology is very similar to Anatomy in many ways and many times they are linked together. This is also the reason why Anatomy and Physiology forms and integral part of the medical course.

Why this subject is important?

The paper is a compulsory one and many of the diseases are carried out by the physiology. Knowledge in the chemical and physical functions is required in the field.

What Pattern is followed in this Paper?

The paper of Physiology is a part of Biological and Chemical part. The paper contains 6 questions and these questions are necessary to be attempted. There are no alternative in it. The question no. 1 is compulsory and covers the entire syllabus. Rest 5 questions are of equal marks and divided into 2-3 sub-questions. These questions covered the each module. Questions asked are of short notes and some questions are required to be attempted with required diagram and sketch.

Which questions are asked more frequently?

The examples of questions asked are such as neuromuscular junction, salutatory conduction, physiology of lactation, synaptic fatigue, colour blindness, organ of corti, EEG  waves, growth hormone, functions of estrogens, physiological change during pregnancy, cutaneous receptors, pathophysiology of parathyroid hormone, functions of cerebellum, functional divisons of cerebellum, cerebellar disorders etc.

How much time and marks is allotted for this paper?

The paper gives the opportunity to candidates to score 50 marks and time duration for the paper is 3 hours only.

Which books to follow?

  • Integrated Physiology by Elsevier
  • Physiology by Linda S
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