Gujarat University, B.Sc. in Fire Technology, First Year Papers


Fire technology is the newest addition of ingenious studies in the education system. The subject deals with the research, abatement, control and minimizing of hazardous fires. The subject teaches you how to adopt fire safety and perform tasks such as fire suppression, detection, emergency evacuation techniques and investigation all related to fires. The subject has been newly introduced as various courses for both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree.

Paper Pattern

There are a total of six question papers in the Gujarat University, B.Sc. in Fire Technology, First Year Examination and they are named as:-

1.    Applied Chemistry.
2.    Applied Mechanics and Strength of Materials.
3.    Applied Physics.
4.    Fire Fighting Equipments.
5.    Fundamental of Fire.
6.    English Compulsory.

The paper is divided into 5 questions which are subdivided into two questions each. The candidate has to answer any one question from each of the total ten questions and each question carries 70 marks. Only the English compulsory papers are different with six questions whose marks are divided into 10s and 14s.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lots of frequently asked questions bring out the practical ideas of using fire technologies. Questions are asked from the basic uses of fire equipments, essential steps taken to control fires, elements that are combustible and also the general questions of English, Physics and Chemistry.

Time Allotted to Complete the Paper

The total time allotted to complete each of the six papers is three hour whose maximum marks are 70 each.

Recommended Books

There are lots of recommended books present all over the world for dealing with fires and using various technologies in minimizing fire outbreaks and hazards caused by them. The books related to fire technology are Handbook of Fire Technology by R. S Gupta, Fire technology abstract by John Hopkins and journal of fire science by Thomson Gale.

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