Master of Fire Science


Fire science basically deals with the study of fire in details. This study under the course of masters in Fire science includes the various ways in which fire is caused and the various ways in which it will spread. Under this course it is also taught the ways to control fire and stop it. The fire is controlled in different ways depending on its cause, and hence the most appropriate way is to be chosen in order to stop the fire. Choosing a wrong way can boost up the fire more. This appropriate ways are taught in detail under the course of master in fire science. Part from that, various components that catch fire easily and those which cannot are also studied under this course.

One needs to be a graduate in this field in order to get in to the course of masters of fire science. The degree of graduation can belong to any recognized institute or university of India.

Course outlook:

The course duration of Master of Fire science is yet not certain. It varies from one year to two year and depends on the university in which the course is being done. Some universities take 1 year and some takes 2 years to complete this course.

Job Prospects:

These degree holders are recruited in the fire fighting department in bulk. They are recruited to teach the fire fighter about the important knowledge about the fire. Even one can choose teaching career and can teach this subject after completion of this course.

Best places To Pursue:

• Jadavpur University
• University of Delhi



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