How does bachelor in fire science help the society?


The bachelor in fire science is one of the recently evolved and highly demanded courses in India. This is a 3-year program, which makes students equipped with necessary skills to fight against the harmful hazards of fire. The study of this bachelor degree mainly involves topics on disaster management, town planning, Salvage investigation, Hydraulics and fire communication systems. The course also helps students to get educated with the design of fire resistant equipments and plants, which can reduce the harmful effects of fire. These bachelor degree holders in Fire Science can thus protect the society from the harmful effects of fire.

Life Safety

Those who are educated in fire safety will be aware of the protective measures to be taken in times of accidental fire. They know the measures to rescue people and prevent the spread of fire. Safety equipments designed by fire and safety engineers will not endanger people even in times of building collapse. These professionals offer fire safety measures at the most cost effective way to the user.

The course structure of Bachelor degree in fire and safety include the evaluation of fire situation using fire codes and methods of disaster mitigation. This study helps them to implement methods and necessary precautions to prevent a fire, control or efficiently dealing with it to minimize loss of life and property. The professionals in fire safety are given training on safety measures to be implemented at times of building construction. Fire safety in buildings is also much important as other life safety measures. Those who are educated in fire science will be able to analyze fire hazards at the time of building construction itself. Therefore, their assistance is much essential at times of building design and construction.

The influence of fire and safety professionals is not restricted to domestic home construction. They can put forward certain safety strategies during the construction of super high-rise buildings also. Safety measures in high-rise buildings is much complex as careful attention is required from architectural design till electrical design.

Career Opportunities

Apart from safety measures, the bachelor degree in fire science helps aspirants to build up a good career in this field. The professionals in fire science are highly demanded in the present job market.  As construction industry is booming the need to have skilled professionals in fire safety has also increased to a great extent. The graduates in fire science can find a lot of job opportunities in gulf nations as well. Other job opportunities exist in areas of

  • Aircraft Industry
  • Airports
  • Architectural and Building Design
  • Chemicals Plants

Companies like ONGC, L&T, Shell and Reliance

  • Construction Companies
  • Defense Forces
  • Electricity Boards
  • Fertilizers
  • Fire Departments of Local Government Bodies
  • Fire Equipment Manufacturers
  • Fire Systems Designers
  • Industrial Processing
  • Insurance Companies
  • LPG and LNG Handling and Bottling Plants
  • Manufacturing Sector
  • Municipal Corporations
  • Oil Firms
  • Petrochemicals and Plastic Industry
  • Petroleum Refineries
  • Project Management
  • Railways
  • Textiles Industry

In these sectors, the fire science graduates can take the role of

  • Assistant Fire Officer
  • Fire Alarm Technician
  • Fire Officer
  • Fire Protection Technician
  • Fire Surveyor
  • HSE Assistant
  • HSE Officer
  • Risk Management Consultant
  • Safety Auditor
  • Safety Checker
  • Safety Instructor
  • Safety Officer
  • Safety Supervisor
  • Safety Warden
  • Safety-in Charge
  • Station Fire Officer

Thus, it is possible for a degree holder in Fire science to work in almost all the related areas of fire safety. Due to the enormous job opportunities and safety measures provided, the course is very vital to the society as such and the professionals are looked up because of the service they render.



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