IETE AMIETE-ET (Old Scheme) Computer Networks Papers


Computer Networks is an essential subject for every person who deals with computers- be it an engineer or any other computer literate. The details of the exam of Computer Networks of IETE AMIETE-ET are given below.

Importance of the Paper:

The study of Computer Networks is is very important for the students of AMIETE-ET. In this subject they are taught the principles of networking, how connections are made, the different types of topologies, different protocols. All this is very essential for a computer engineer.

Pattern of the Paper:

You can expect 9 questions in Computer Networks paper, which is the general number of questions in AMIETE Exams. The first question is compulsory and its answer is to be written in the provided space in the answer booklet. The answer sheet for the first question will be collected back after 45 minutes. So students have to answer the first question in maximum 45 minutes. Now chose any 5 questions of your choice and answer them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The syllabus of Computer Networks is huge and needs thorough understanding. The questions are framed mainly from topics like TCP/IP, FDM, TDM, Different types of protocols, MAC, IEEE 802 LAN, Routing techniques and algorithms, IP addressing, IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP, ATM, HTTP, RSVP, SMTP, Switching etc.

Total Time and Marks:

The total duration of the exam is three hours and the total weightage is 100. The first question is of 20 marks, while the remaining questions are of 16 marks each. These 16 marks is divided between sub-questions according to the description you need to provided for a particular question.

Recommended Books:

Many good books are available on this subject in the market. The best among them is Forouzan.

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