Sathyabama University-B.Tech in IT-5th Sem Probability and Statistics Papers


The various disciplines of the engineering are very much integrated with the various mathematical subjects. It is generally a common notion that the engineering students are good at mathematics and this notion is very much true as well. It is for this very reason that mathematics is one of the key subjects while the candidates make up their mind about engineering and thus prepare for it.

Importance of the paper

Though the various branches of engineering are taught, mathematics according to the need of the various mathematical subjects in the various applications of the knowledge of engineering is very much important. The discipline of Information and Technology for example involves the use of the Probability and Statistics a lot for the tabulation of the data that might be stored on the computer in a more easily viewable form or for predicting the outcome of certain events on the basis of the probability calculations.


Probability and Statistics paper consists of two parts. First part generally has 10 small questions with each holding 2 marks. The next section carries ten questions again; however the candidate needs to answer five amongst these with each holding 12 marks. The choices are not overall rather internal.


The total 80 marks is divided between the two parts of the question paper as 20 and 60 respectively.

Time Allotted

Like other exams you get 3 hours.

Paper pattern

There are twenty questions in the question paper and the choices provided in the part B are internal

Some questions from the question paper

The questions in the question paper are very easy and are generally based on reasoning and the basic principle of Probability in the first part. Predicting the outcome of the various events and the various theorem of Probability are asked. The questions in the part B however comprise of the long questions of statistics and finding of the mean median mode and the various ways of representation of the data available. Also there are questions of probability for which the outcomes for a series of events interconnected with each other need to be predicted with the Baye’s theorem of the tree rule.

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