PTU BCA 1st Semester- Introduction to Information Technology (BC-101) Papers


BCA is a very popular course among students who want to make a career in the IT sector. They have the option of doing MCA after this to upgrade their qualification. The BCA course offered by PTU is ranked amongst the best in our country.

Importance of the Paper:

Introduction to Information Technology forms the foundation of the course of BCA. It prepares the students of what lies ahead. Before learning the complex languages and programming skills, it is very necessary to be well versed with the IT basics. Hence, the subject is immensely important for the entire course.

Pattern of the Paper:

As far as paper division is concerned, the paper has 2 sections. They have to answer the compulsory Section A and 4 more questions from Section B. In section A there are objective type questions, 10 in number, while in section B there are questions wherein you have to give detailed description.

Total Marks and Time:

The total weightge for this is 60 and the time given to answer the paper is 3 hours. The first section is of 20 marks, consisting of 10 questions, each of 2 marks. Section B has six questions out of which four are to be answered, each carrying 10 marks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The syllabus of this subject aims to cover something of everything of information technology. The key areas, from where one can expect questions are number system, types of computers, transmissions, memory, operating systems, multiplexing, different types of topologies, internet etc.

Recommended Books:

The good reference books for this subject are listed below:

  • V. Rajaraman
  • Larry Long and Nancy Long
  • P.K. Sinha
  • Leon and Leon
  • Basandra
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