IETE AMIETE (Old Scheme) Materials and Processes Papers


The paper puts forward questions related to general materials and the different manufacturing process. This course is very important for the students of mining and metallurgical engineering students as well as mechanical engineering students. The IETE has this course for the training of students in material science.

About Materials and Processes

This paper is very important as students are tested for their understanding of issues which lead to good utilization of raw materials, betterment in the design, and development of various new methods of manufacturing. Career opportunities such as materials/process engineer, process safety engineer, team leader are available.

About the exam question paper

The question paper has got a total of 11 questions from which the students have to answer the first question which is compulsory carrying 16 marks, and the remaining paper is divided into two parts namely, part I and part II, the students have to answer any three questions each from these two parts. These questions carry 14 marks each.

Questions which are very often asked in the exams

Atomic diameter of FCC, BCC crystals, lattice parameter, schotkky defect, frenkel defect, dielectric strengths of materials, fine grain sizes, nucleation rate, growth rate, miller indices, magnetic induction and coercive force, transmittable current density, maximum radius of the interstitial sphere that can just fit into the void between the body centered atoms of bcc structure, total variables and degrees of freedom of a system of two components, when the number of phases is given, doping and alloying, domain theory of ferromagnetism, functions of oxide layer in a high quality IC, annealing and spheroidising processes,  ion implantation and metallization processes in the fabrication of ICs.

Marks and Time you will get

The maximum time allotted for the candidates is 3 hours and the full marks are 100.

Books recommended for Materials and Processes

  • Materials and processes, ASNT publishers
  • MEMS Materials and Processes Handbook
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