Tamil Nadu Board Matriculation Exam Urdu Paper-I Papers


Urdu is one of the major languages spoken throughout the world. Some of the common words we speak are derived from Urdu. Whereas Urdu has many words which are derived from Hindi. This paper is one of the optional papers in the Tamil Nadu Board Exam for the Matriculation Level.  

Importance of this paper:

Urdu, being one of the scheduled languages, has got great importance. There are career opportunities such as Urdu news readers and translators. This language has its origin from the Indo-European family. It comes under the scheduled languages in the constitution of India wherein 22 languages are recognized.

Paper Pattern:

This 100 marks paper is divided into two subparts namely part A and part B. both parts carry 50 marks each. The paper-I is based upon question from the prose and the poetry sections. Part A has mainly objective type questions which have their own sub questions. Part B has long answer questions. There are no options; students have to attempt all the questions.

Frequently asked questions:

Extracts from the prescribed lessons in Urdu, essay type questions in 100 words about the theme of the poetry, Knowledge about life and literary contribution of the prose writers of the prescribed text,   Husn-e-Ta’leel, Miratunnazeer, Tazad Tajnees, Laff-o-Nashr, Talmih, Tashbeeh Istiara, answer type questions on the prescribed lessons, Knowledge about the life and literary contributions of the poets of the prescribed text. Fael Ki Qismein Lazim, Mutaddi, Naqis, Ma’roof, Majhool Harf Ki Qismein Atf, Jar, Shart, Jaza, Takeed, Illat, Is Figures of speech: Husn-e-Ta’leel, Miratunnazeer, Tazad.

Time and marks:

The paper has got a total of 100 marks and the maximum time given to the students is 2 and a half hours.

Recommended books:

  • Urdu Adab Ki Tareekh, published by the NCERT New Delhi
  • Urdu Qawaid, published by the NCERT New Delhi
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