IGNOU M.Sc in Dietetics-Food Microbiology and Safety Papers


Indira Gandhi National Open University is one of the most pioneering autonomous based Universities in the nation and offers different courses to the eligible candidates. Amongst galore of courses, M.Sc in Dietetics, although a bit out of the general regular course, is taken up by most of the students. M.Sc in Dietetics consists of a number of papers and one amongst them is Food Microbiology and Safety Papers.

This paper in itself is important and while preparing for it, you should take utmost care, keeping in mind all the important topics as questions can be asked from any sub-topic. If you would see the paper pattern of M.Sc in Dietetics-Food Microbiology and Safety Papers, you would understand yourself the aforementioned point.

Do Not Expect Any Modular Division In The Paper

There are no divisions or section in the paper of the Food Microbiology and Safety.

Understanding Paper Pattern:

There are a total of seven main questions in the paper, with the first main question been compulsory to attempt. Candidates have to attempt any three from the remaining six. The first main question is divided into two sub-parts, and each carries a total of five sub-questions. The second, fifth and sixth main question is divided into two sub-parts. The third main question has five sub-parts, and the seventh main question also has the same number of sub-questions. However candidates have to attempt any four from the five sub-questions in the last main question.


The total number of marks in the paper is seventy-five. The first main question has a maximum of fifteen marks, in which the first sub-question carries a maximum of ten marks and the second sub-question carries five marks whereas the rest of the main question offers a maximum of twenty marks.

Time allotted for examination:

The time allotted for the examination is two and a half hours.

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