IRDA, Insurance Institute of India, Fellowship Question Papers


The institute of insurance in India is for the training and educating the candidates in the insurance and funds and investments sector. The boom in this sector in the recent years is responsible for all the development in the field. This helps the investor to take risks in the sector.

Paper Pattern:

Questions in the paper of fellowship are a subjective paper and 1 question is of objective type in the paper, the paper requires a good knowledge in the paper. Total questions asked in the paper are 8 and 1st question is of objective type which contains 15 questions in it, rest 7 questions are of long answer type but rest of the 5 questions contain alternative of it and other 2 questions are of short notes. 1 question is of data based type numerical question.

Frequently asked questions:

Questions asked in the paper are of subjective type as well as subjective questions are there. Questions asked are such as definition of fellowship, liability, technical questions such as case studies of company claims of gaining benefits under the insurance scheme, retirements scheme associated with personal, benefits for government employees, pension to employ, pension to widows, commuted values etc.

Total marks and time allotted:

Maximum marks in the paper which can be obtained is 100 and time allotted is 3 hours only. 1st question is of 30 marks and divided into 6 sub-questions each of 5 marks. Rest questions are of 10 marks each.

Recommended Books:

Concept of Actuarial Science by C L Trowbridge
Actuarial Science by Glen

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    Examination for Insurance Surveyors-Motor insurance Papers and their solutions.

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