PTU, B.Tech., 1st Semester, Mathematics-I Papers


The bachelor of technology course in Punjab technical university is designed in such a way that the first year should cover almost all the important aspects of technology. Thus, all the important and base subjects are taught in the first semester including mathematics.

Paper description:

The subject mathematics in the 1st semester deals with the study of various kinds of mathematical terms and mathematical logics of solving some problems. This includes various topics and principles of mathematics which have wide application in various fields of technology and engineering. That is the prime reason why the mathematics syllabus has all the topics that are essential for problem solving.

Frequently asked questions:

The question paper has questions from various topics, and these topics are not only important but questions are framed from these topics almost every year. These topics include mathematical induction, lagrangian principle, De moivre’s theorem, ratio test, trigonometry, mensuration and curves and coordinate geometry. Relation and functions are also an important part of the paper.

Paper pattern:

The question paper of the PTU B.Tech 1st Sem-Mathematics-I has all together 19 questions. The first section has 10 questions of 2 marks each. These are short answer type questions. This entire section is of 20 marks. the second and the third section have questions of 8 marks each. Section B has 5 such questions and section C has 4 such questions. Candidates requires to answer 2 questions from section B and any 2 from section C. one last question can be either from section C or B.

Marks allotted and time given:

The time allotted to answer the paper is 3 hours and the full mark of the paper is 60.

Recommended books:

Advanced Engineering Mathematics by Erwin Kreyszig
Zill’s Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Third Edition

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