PTU MCA 3rd Sem-Computer System Architecture (MCA-301) Papers


MCA in computer system Architecture is a three year program, where the students are basically made aware of various subjects pertaining to computer science and its applications. This course is a semester wise course comprising of six semesters, wherein the students are given theoretical as well as laboratory exercises.

Why study Computer System Architecture?

The software engineers should possess knowledge about the various processing ability of different processors. For maximum profit utilization there should be an optimization of software for the minimum incurred cost. The knowledge in this field helps in the selection procedure of a definite processor.

The Paper pattern you will see in the exam paper

The maximum marks in the given paper is 60, and there are four sections each section carrying two questions in it, and it is requires by the candidates to answer one questions from each section. Each section carries 10 marks an additional section is given which is also of 10 marks.

Questions which are very often seen in the paper

Balance sheet, business having an indefinite life, hire purchase transaction, revenue expenditure , capital expenditure, differed revenue expenditure, hire vendor a/c, asset a/c, management audit, duties of a company, memorandum of association, articles of association, liabilities of an auditor, coefficient of skewness, symmetrical and asymmetrical distribution,  central limit theorem, association of attributes, treasury bills, Cambridge economists, decrease in share capitals, long term liabilities, ROI, contingent liabilities, shareholders’ investment, interest on working capitals, companies act, contingent contract, wagering contract, transparency, safety values,  WTO, non-discrimination, central planning authority, government undertakings, stock exchange, abnormal loss, seasonal loss.

Total Marks and time allotted for this paper

The paper is of a total of 60 marks and the maximum time allotted for the paper is 2 and a half hours.

Recommended books:

  • Computer system and Architecture, M. Morris Mano,
  • Computer system and Architecture, Rao
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