Punjab Technical University BBA 5th Semester Papers


Punjab Technical University BBA Semester 5th Papers are all for 60 marks. These papers are to be given at the end of the term or semester. There is only one paper each day thus giving the student ample time to study before the exam. There are six papers in all to be answered in three hours each. All the questions in the paper are form the syllabus covered during the period of the semester or term. Moreover, all these questions are subjective essay type ones thus obviating the need for negative marking.

The paper is divided into two sections namely section A and Section B. Section A is a compulsory one. It carries 20 marks and has internal choices in it. The examinee needs to attempt 4 questions from section B for 10 marks each. The time duration of three hours is enough to write a good and complete paper of 60 marks. in case of any doubt regarding the paper, you can take a practical look at it as it is available freely on the net as well as you can borrow it form senior students who have given the same exam earlier.

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