Syllabus for M.Tech (Highways Engineering) Entrance Exam in PEC


The Pondicherry Engineering College (PEC) offers admission to various specialization areas in civil engineering. Highway Planning & Geometric Design, Pavement Analysis & Design, Advanced Traffic Engineering, and Highway Materials Design and Construction are the main topics studied under the syllabus for M.Tech (Highways Engineering).

Syllabus for M.Tech (Highways Engineering) Entrance Exam in PEC

Highway Planning & Geometric Design

  • Concept and requirement of high speed corridors
  • Controls and Criteria for geometric design
  • Design and analysis of different sight distances
  • Design and analysis of super elevation
  • Design elements of intersections
  • Design methods used in field
  • Design of Bus terminals
  • Design of camber
  • Design of capacity
  • Design of combined curve
  • Design of cross-section elements
  • Design of extra widening
  • Design of gradients
  • Design of high speed corridors
  • Design of Horizontal Alignment
  • Design of parking areas
  • Design of transition
  • Design of Vertical Alignment
  • Design vehicle
  • Elaborate design of rotary intersection
  • Geometric design of high speed corridors
  • Geometric Design of Inter-sections
  • Geometric design standards of Highways
  • Grade separated intersections
  • Highway planning
  • Level of service
  • Loading and unloading zones
  • Median separators
  • Methods for designing summit and & valley vertical curves
  • Methods for eliminating camber and buildings super elevation in the field
  • Methods for providing extra widening in the field
  • Planning Service
  • Policies and goals of different road development plans
  • Salient features of Vision-2021 as per IRC recommendations
  • Saturation System

Pavement Analysis & Design

  • Analysis of stresses
  • Causes of Pavement distress
  • CBR method of flexible pavement design
  • Concept of wheel loads and tandem axles
  • Design by group index method
  • Design of Flexible pavements
  • Design of joints, tie bars, and dowel bars
  • Design of low cost roads
  • Design of rigid pavement
  • Equivalent wheel load
  • ESWL
  • FRC and pre-stressed concrete pavements
  • Functions of various components of pavement structures
  • IRC design guidelines
  • Need for overlay
  • Old concepts to be recent concept by IRC-37-2001
  • Overlay design methods for flexible pavements and rigid pavements
  • Pavement Distress, Evaluation and Strengthening
  • Pavement evaluation
  • Rigid overlays for flexible pavements
  • Vehicle damage factors
  • Westergaard‟s analysis

Advanced Traffic Engineering

  • Accident study
  • Advanced driver information system
  • Axle load surveys
  • Capacity and level of service
  • Design of lighting and terminal facilities
  • Design of parking facilities
  • Design of traffic signals
  • Effect of road conditions on traffic safety
  • Electronic toll collection system
  • Highway communication, automatic vehicle detection
  • Intelligent Transport System
  • Origin & Destination study
  • PIEV theory
  • Presentation and analysis of traffic data
  • Presentation of traffic data
  • Sampling techniques
  • Simulation of traffic systems
  • Speed & delay
  • Spot speed
  • Traffic characteristics
  • Traffic control devices
  • Traffic flow Characteristics
  • Traffic Operations and Control
  • Traffic regulation
  • Traffic Safety
  • Traffic Volume

Highway Materials Design and Construction

  • Bitumen aggregate interactive mechanism
  • Bituminous bound macadam
  • Bituminous concrete laying procedures
  • Bituminous materials and mixes
  • Bituminous surface treatments
  • Construction methods and machinery
  • Design of Bituminous mixes
  • Low cost and soil stabilized roads
  • Road mix and bituminous plant mixes
  • Use of admixtures
  • Use of local and waste materials

Reference books and previous year question papers can be used for studies. Books prescribed under B.Tech (Civil Engineering) can also be referred.



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