Tamil Nadu Board Anglo Indian SLC Examination- Science Paper II Papers


The study of science is essential for students of the secondary level. Before specializing out in different streams at the higher secondary level, a basic understanding of science should be given to all the students.

Importance of the Paper:

Science paper II is a very important paper in the Tamil Nadu Anglo Indian SLC Examination. This paper consists of the Life Sciences- Botany and Zoology in particular. The paper is very important as students can score really good marks in this subject. if the answers are to the point and perfect, the can get full marks in almost every question.

Paper Pattern:

There are two parts in the paper. The first part is Botany and the second is Zoology. In both the parts there are three sections. In the first section there are objective type questions. Five questions are multiple choice type questions and five are match the following types. In section B there are short answer type questions, with choices between the questions. In Section C there are descriptive questions. Seven questions are given out of only four are to be answered.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Questions are asked from every part of the syllabus, so students should be very thorough with the subject. Questions generally do not require lengthy answers, but the concepts should be clear. Also, there are questions where students have to draw neat labeled diagrams. So, all the necessary diagrams should be practiced, as students can score full marks in these.

Total marks and Duration:

Like Science Paper-I paper Science Paper-II is also for 100 marks and students will get same time duration i.e. 2 and half hours.

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