Tamil Nadu Board Anglo Indian SLC Examination- Science Paper I Papers


The Tamil Nadu Board Anglo Indian SLC Examination- Science Paper I Papers are made keeping in mind that the candidates are to be tested on the grounds of the basic principles of physics and chemistry. The field of science is vast. But there are few fundamental rules that the students need to have a crystal clear understanding about.

Importance of the paper

The 1st paper of science for the Tamil Nadu Board Anglo Indian SLC Examination consists of the two key subjects that are physics and chemistry. The basics of the two subjects are asked. The questions asked in the question paper are very simple. However they are very logical at the same time. The candidates taking the exam are expected to be well versed with the various fundamental theorems and applications of these in the various fields.


The paper covers two subjects that is physics and chemistry which contains various questions segregated into different parts. The part A comprises of the various small answer questions of which the first ten are multiple choice questions and the 11th question is fill in the blanks. Then part B comprises of the very small answer type questions. In the part C there are again two parts and the candidate needs to answer any of the five questions choosing at least one question form each part.


50 marks are allotted for Physics and 50 marks for Chemistry. Questions in Part A have a weightage of 1 mark, in part B has a weightage of 2 marks and in part C has a weightage of 5 marks.

Time Allotted

2 and half hours for this paper.

Some questions from the question paper

The questions in the question paper are very easy and are generally based on the simple topics like the calculation of force and momentum, the various electrical circuits and calculating the current through them, the image formation for the lenses with the position of the image varying and many such questions in physics. In chemistry similarly the most generally asked questions are from the structure of the atoms, the various uses of the fundamental chemicals and the various reactions between acids and bases or other reagents.

Recommended books

The most popular books are the science books from the S.Chand publishing house and the Bharti Bhawan Publications.

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