DOEACC Society B Level Course Parallel Computing Papers


DOEACC Society is implementing a joint scheme of all India council for technical and department of information technology. Students of DOEACC Society B level course have to take the exam for parallel computing at the end of the 3rd semester.

The paper consists of two sections. The first section is mainly for testing the expertise of the candidate in the core concepts. There are no subjective questions in this section. The section consists of questions including objective type questions, match the following, true or false and reasoning questions. The candidates have to answer all the questions from the first section.

The second section consists of descriptive questions only. The candidates should answer any four of the questions form a total of five that is available on the paper. The total mark of the examination is 100 and the candidates are given 3 hours to complete the paper. The objective questions will be provided with 4 answers each and only one of them is right.  There are no negative marks for answering the objective questions wrongly.

To ensure that you come out in flying colors, it is good to practice using the question papers of previous year exam.

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