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Which entrance exams should I appear to get into Top Universities of USA/UK?

hi,i adrit, is currently pursuing with englidh honours course.i desire to do an MBA from any top university of USA/UK.
PLS. give some details about the entrances to be appeared

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Default Re: Which entrance exams should I appear to get into Top Universities of USA/UK?

sir i want details about DOT NET COURSE & BEST INSTITUTE IN HYD...............
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Default Re: Which entrance exams should I appear to get into Top Universities of USA/UK?

You should prepare for IELTS. It will help you to take admission in MBA from any top university of USA/UK
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Default Re: Which entrance exams should I appear to get into Top Universities of USA/UK?

you have to appear in sat1 and sat2 for usa and in ielts or toefl for uk
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Thumbs up Re: Which entrance exams should I appear to get into Top Universities of USA/UK?

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On the other hand career counseling is a good option for students who are at a
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In India students mostly rely on their peers and parents while making decision
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In such a condition, career counseling helps in deciding what’s best for your
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In the case of student belonging to SC/ST category the age limit shall be 22
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The CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) is applicable to all seven prestigious
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Earlier in India higher education was confined to colleges and universities only.
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Process of Getting MBA Degree:
The most vital and important step towards the journey to get an MBA degree
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loans to pay the course fee. Sometimes the preparation is hectic while at other
times, it’s well planned and systematic. To pursue MBA, a student is required to
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He should be a graduate [any stream]. He should have passed the qualifying
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To understand the requirement of admission in an MBA college of one’s choice, a
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MBA through guidance and counseling:
It will be difficult for anyone to provide a fixed formula to crack an MBA
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Career guides counsel a students on how to prepare for MBA Entrance
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For better utilization of the resources offered by the counseling and guidance
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Benefits of Career Guidance:
Before setting a goal we need a focused assessment of the subject. Likewise, an
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Thinking of a specific college is no big job but getting there could be made
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MBBS Admission Process
There is nothing as noble as saving a human life! Not only today but since ages
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MBBS admission process is a hard nut and requires lot of effort to crack. Let’s
take a peek into what all it encompasses.
Admission Process for MBBS:
The earlier the better! The fever of MBBS entrance is high when students are in
their high school days. This requires the candidate to complete 12th
examinations or equivalent examinations.
For MBBS admissions, a student is required to pass his 12th class or
equivalent with Physics, Chemistry, Biology (which includes practical test of these
subjects) and Mathematics or any other elective subject with English as
prescribed by NCERT.
The applicant applying for MBBS must have secured aggregate marks of 50% in
Physics, Chemistry, and Biology taken together (40% in case of SC/ST/OBC). The
candidate must complete 17 years of age on or before December 31st of the
year of admission.
To get admission in a premium institution for medical sciences in India a
candidate should appear in the entrance test conducted by the CBSE (Central
Board of Secondary Education of India) PMT (Pre-medical Test).
PMT consist of two parts: Preliminary Examinations and Final Examinations. Until
and unless you have cleared the pre, you will not be allowed to appear in the
final examinations.
Apart from CBSE-PMT there are also state level PMT test held in every state to
absorb the student of their own state.
MBBS preparation needs proper Guidance and Counseling:
With intense competition increasing every day student needs proper guidance
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all the requirements by the college. Career and Guidance help student in
overcoming the stress during the preparation.
Benefits of Career Guidance:
Career guidance has evolved itself into an industry which caters the need of the
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in such a way that all the subjects are covered in the stipulated time.
For more information, please visit www.careerguardian.in
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Default Re: Which entrance exams should I appear to get into Top Universities of USA/UK?

Hello friend,
Most institutes of higher education abroad assess the performance of students through certain tests before admitting his/her application for consideration. Different institutes have different requirements. These tests are prepared by professional testing organization, like the US Educational Testing Service, that administers a wide array of test including the following:
Graduate Record Examination-GRE
Graduate Management Admission Test-GMAT
The International English Language Testing System-IELTS
Test of English as a Foreign Language-TOEFL
Scholastic Aptitude Test-SAT

These tests are valid for admission to universities in USA, UK, Australia and Canada.
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Default Re: Which entrance exams should I appear to get into Top Universities of USA/UK?

To do MBA, you have to appear in the TOEFL exam for the approval of your english as upto the international standards. FOR the Management, you have to appear in the GMAT conducted at the international level to provide admissions into the colleges for doing MBA. Further options are XAT, CAT. Even the MBA of IIMs is also at par with foreign universities. So decide early & start working now....
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Default Re: Which entrance exams should I appear to get into Top Universities of USA/UK?

i want to do my MBBS from harvard university. what is the criteria for getting admission over there?
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