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How may I get model question papers and some tips for cracking Infosys campus placement tests?

I m going to attend placement in infy...please send me some tips and ques papers to my mail id.................

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Default Re: How may I get model question papers and some tips for cracking Infosys campus placement tests?


There were 2 rounds:
Aptitude Test Reasoning Section Verbal Section HR interview
In aptittude test there was sectional cut-off,reasoning paper was easy and the verbal one was average but the main problem was sectional cut-off which i think was high so be accurate and attempt a lot(there was no negative marking). Also just dont go for fluke like marking all b's....If u are going for fluke then also do it smartly because i think they even check that.

Reasoning Section (30 ques, 40 min)- RS Aggarwal Verbal
5 ques on Data Sufficiency{easy} 5 ques on Series(figure Interpretation){again easy} 5 ques on Data Intrepretation{average} 5 ques on Puzzle{normal} 5 ques on another Puzzle{a bit difficult and time taking} 5 ques on Syllogism{easy if practised}
Verbal Section(40 ques, 35 min)---deciding factor[time management is required]
Two passages and 5 question from each passages{Do it at the last as passages are lengthy and time taking.Also before reading the passage see the question one time.} Sentence Correction{Be careful about tense mistake, spelling mistake, using of pronoun. My opinion mark the option which clicks you first and dont waste too much time on this part...Rest is at your wish} Fill in the Blanks{These were mostly prepositions..Do this part also fast} Theme Detection Identification of some supporting or weakening sentences about a paragraph given.
I am sure if you are well prepared then reasoning part can be done easily(BUT BE ACCURATE & ATTEMPT MAXIMUM) but manage your time well for verbal(as time given is less and questions are more). Just prepare well for written as interview is an easy part(in case of infy i should say as they select aprrox 90% of students who had cleared the apti)

HR Interview:
Now the final section. The best way to face the interview is to stay calm and polite. Amswer confidently and if you dont know any answer then admit it...you can say "Sorry sir I'm unable to recollect it right now" instead of directle saying "sorry". Main thing is to speak confidently....Make yourself presentable.
Do you have any question? or have anything to say?

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