Nalanda Open University MA in Economics-Part II-Rural Economics (Paper XV) Papers


Nalanda Open University is one of the oldest Universities in India. It is highly prestigious and has a great reputation in education. The paper of Rural economics is a vital paper as the Nalanda University is situated in Bihar.  This will help in the educational system in a big way.

Paper Pattern:

The paper of Rural Economics is a non-technical paper and candidates have to just understand the concept behind every question. 10 questions are asked in the paper from which 5 questions are needed to be answered by the candidates. All questions are of descriptive type as the pattern of the paper is very simple and traditional as per the University. The questions are of equal marks and each not a single question have sub-questions attached with it.  Last question is of short notes and out of 4 notes, 2 are to be attempted.

Frequently asked questions:

The paper is of long answer type questions, every question in the paper is related to the subject and answers should have the accurate points to convey the message. Questions in the paper are such as position of rural industrialisation, Cooperative credit Societies, capital formation in rural areas, strategy of rural development, agricultural labours, regional rural banks, educational & medical facilities in rural area, child welfare services etc.

Total marks and time allotted:

70 marks are allotted to the paper for the students and time limit for the students in the paper is 3 hours only. All questions in the paper are of 14 marks each. There are 10 questions in the paper and students have to attempt only 5 from there.

Recommended Books:

  • A study of rural economics by V. Desai
  • Principles of rural economics by T N Carver
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