PTU-B.Pharmacy 4th Semester-Pharmaceutics-III (Unit Operations-II) Papers


Punjab Technical University is one of the major sources of higher technical education in the north-west region of India. The University was established by the act of State Legislature, 1997. The university deals with quality based education and very good infrastructure. There are various courses offered by this university, B. Pharmacy is one of them.

Paper Description:

The complete information included under this Pharmaceutics-III (Unit Operations-II) Paper is about process control systems, different types of bioreactor and also provides the knowledge of material balance. The paper also deals with the different unit operations process, rectification and evaporation process etc.  The paper deals basically with the theoretical related questions which holds multiple, short answer type and descriptive type questions.

Paper Pattern:

There are basically a total of three divisions of the entire Pharmaceutics-III (Unit Operations-II) Papers. The first section contains a total of 15 questions and is compulsory for every student. The second section contains five questions out of which only four questions are mandatory to attempt. The last section includes a total of four questions and one should have to attempt only three questions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The Pharmaceutics-III (Unit Operations-II) Papers contains very few questions which are repeated in most number of times. The questions are material balance, bioreactor, rectification, unit processes and evaporations etc. There are still few questions left which are listed under the important ones like process control systems, different factors affecting size reduction etc.

Full Marks and Time Allotted:

The 4th Semester-Pharmaceutics-III (Unit Operations-II) Papers holds a maximum of 80 marks. The complete time span allotted to each appearing candidates is three hours.

Books Recommended:

4th Semester-Pharmaceutics-III (Unit Operations-II) Papers

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