NET Social Medicine & Community Health (Paper-II) Papers


The paper on Social Medicine & Community Health of the National entrance Examination held for the position of junior research fellowship or teacher in this particular subject has two papers. The papers are available in Hindi as well as English and one has to choose either medium to answer the paper. This paper is basically a multiple choice paper and there is no paper one.

Paper pattern:

The paper two of Social Medicine & Community Health is a multiple choice based paper and there are a total of fifty questions in this paper. There are four options to each question, namely a, b, c and d. One has to darken the spot on the particular answer one feels is right. There are various types of questions even in the multiple choice section, like true false, matching the right set of data, assertion and reasoning questions etc.

Maximum marks and time allotted:

The time allotted to finish the multiple choices based Social Medicine & Community Health paper 2 is one hour and fifteen minutes and the maximum marks obtainable is 100 as each question is of 2 marks.

Frequently asked questions:

The questions encountered in this paper have to be dealt with a in depth knowledge of the syllabus as one may never know where an objective type question be asked from. Some important topics to be well read are definitions and  concepts related to the Social Medicine & Community Health paper, Concepts of Epidemiology, its types, classification of major nutritional problems, methods of contraption etc. The questions that occur quite frequently are father of medicine, pioneers of immunization, determination of incidence rate, correlation coefficient, sexual phases of malaria carrier, fastest resistant causing anti TB drug and others.


Preventive and social medicine by Prabhakara

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