Gujarat Technological University, MBA, 2nd Sem.,-Marketing Management Papers


As the name suggest, marketing is one of the most important course under management courses. The demand of marketing is growing rapidly in the current competitive market and that is the reason why so many people all over the world prefer management courses in marketing. The course being offered in a prestigious university like Gujarat University is like icing over the cake.

Paper description:

The paper marketing management deals with the study of the management of marketing skills of a product. The subject includes study of various kinds of marketing strategies and various kinds of marketing methods used to increase the sales of the product and for the benefit of the company. The study also includes detailed study of management of resources and exhausting the opportunities so that the sales can be increased.

Frequently asked questions:

Few questions that are asked almost every time, is the basic rules of marketing. The basic principles of marketing and the basic theories that is to be applied to manage the skills of marketing also forms the part of the paper on which questions are asked almost every year.

Paper pattern:

Gujarat Technological University MBA 2nd Sem-Marketing Management Paper is like any other paper of the Gujarat University. The paper has all together 10 question in it. These 10 questions have equal marks. However, candidates are asked to answer any 5 question from the given question paper. Every question is of 10 marks only. Candidates are asked to write more than 4 pages for every question. Questions in the paper are subjective type with long descriptive answers.

Marks allotted and Time:

Total marks of the paper is 50, and time duration given is 3 hours.

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