Typist – How to become a typist?


Document preparation and maintaining is a usual procedure happening in any kind of office. Professionals are needed arrange the original documents in a formal manner so that it can be maintained easily for the future use. Here comes the relevance of typists as they have the ability to convert the hand written documents to a typed format within specified time. With the invention of word processor, the job of typist has become easy and interesting than that in older days. Their job is not only limited to just typing but also extend to the maintaining of formatted documents.

Qualifying Exam

It is not necessary that the candidates should possess any specified degree to become a typist. They can join any firm as typist after passing their intermediate exam. But such candidates should have studied a typewriting or computer course from any institute. Reputed firms demand graduates for the job of typist, if they possess required typing speed. In such cases, it is not required to go for any additional course. Candidates only need to improve their typing skills.

Who are eligible to apply?

Candidates who possess any of the above-mentioned educational requirements can apply for the job of the typist. Private firms look for the candidates having requisite skills rather than qualifying degree. Therefore some relaxation will be given in the eligibility requirements, if the candidates possess any exceptional skills in typing. Reputed Organizations will specify certain conditions in the case of educational qualification and age requirements. Besides all these conditions, the required typing speed will be strictly mentioned in the notification. Candidates should ensure that they possess each and every requirement before getting ready to apply in such organizations.

Key elements in the process

Candidates should consider the following important factors before focusing on the career as Typist.

  • A pass in final year secondary examination
  • Successful completion of graduation
  • Pursue any suitable typewriting or computer course (optional)

Skills required for a Typist

Typists should have the ability to adjust their speed as per the requirements. Then only they can prepare a perfect document without any errors. They should take only minimum time to interpret a sentence so that their assigned work can be completed in time. Good interpretation skills are required for them to reduce their time taken in typing.



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