CBSE Class 12 Accommodation Services II (Theory) Paper II Papers


As the name suggests, Accommodation services II, paper II of CBSE class 12th deals mainly with accommodation services and its upkeep in various sections of the society be it front office, hotel, guest houses etc. Although at first this might seem to be very easy paper, but this particular subject would also require same kind of attention and planning, which you’d generally give to other important or for that matter difficult papers, to excel in exam.

Paper Pattern

Knowing how the paper might look like always help. Accommodation Services II (Theory) Paper II generally has 4 questions and you will have to answer all of them. It must be noted that number of questions asked might vary (4 or 5), but answering them all is constant. So skipping out topics while you are preparing is not an option at all. Usually questions are divided into two parts “question a” and “question b”, but this should not be taken for granted as splitting up of question into certain parts depends widely upon the requirement. Moreover, both sections in the same question may or may not carry equal marks.

Time Duration And Maximum Marks

Accommodation Services II (Theory) Paper II is of two hour duration and in this time frame, you’d be required to answer for 40 marks, which also happens to be the maximum marks for this paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Topics that you would want to prepare thoroughly are classification of stains, pest control measures followed in a 5-Star luxury hotel, job description and responsibilities of receptionist, lost & found procedure, front office job roles, linen keeper’s job role, amendments and cancellations etc.

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