Institute of Actuaries Of India-Subject CT1-Financial Mathematics Papers


Institute of Actuaries Of India works for the Regulation of Actuaries profession in India. If we go by the date, it was formed way back before our independence in the year 1944 and the month was September. This body works very hard in order to make such actuaries who will be highly qualified to make their presence felt in the global market.

Financial Mathematics Certificate

With the help of this certificate one can get an opportunity to sit for actuarial exams even though if you do not belong to the Actuarial Profession. There are no such entry requirements. All you need is strong hold over mathematics and numerical skills.

Guidelines To Be followed in This Exam

  • You must read the instructions very cautiously and follow them without failing.
  • Candidates have to write answers of the entire questions as alternatives are not there.
  • Answers of new questions must be started from a separate/fresh page. Though, candidates can answer all the objective questions on the same page.
  • Question paper has to be returned to the examiner after the completion of the exam.

Time Allowed

Generally the time allowed for this exam is from 3pm to 6pm i.e. 3 hours.

Total Marks

Financial Mathematics is for 100 marks.

Paper Pattern

You will find several questions in this paper and there is no any such fixed number of questions. There can be 8 questions or 10 or 13 and many more sub-questions. Also, there is no equal division of the marks and it depends on the type of the questions how much marks they will carry. Normally some sub-questions may hold as low as 1 mark and some may hold 10 mark that again depends on the question types.

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