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How may I get information about Dental studies in USA? I've completed B.D.S in India

I've completed my B.D.S in India. I am in need of information about exams to be cleared to settle with this degree in USA.

25th July 2012, 01:34 PM
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Default Re: How may I get information about Dental studies in USA? I've completed B.D.S in India

Okay so you want to live in United States and make a living as dentist. Its a nice thought considering that there is a huge shortage of dentists in United States at the moment. A staggering statistic from US health depatment shows that there are as few as 55 dentists per 100,000 people in United States. It is well short of the target what US Health Department believes to be satisfactory.

However saying that, do not think for a moment that since there is such a acute shortage, you would get an easy entry in United States. Because it ain't gonna happen. This for a simple reason that in United States, Indian BDS degree is not enough to practice.

It does not mean that your degree is irrelevent there? The American Dental Association do recognise the BDS degree from India but only as a degree from regional university. This is the policy of United States against all the dental degree from rest of the world. Don't think that its just for India.

What you would require to do is obtain the DDS degree from United States. Its only after you accuire the DDS degree that you can practice in United States as a dentist. Till then its illegal to do so, even with your BDS or MDS degree.

You will have to get admission through the Advanced Standing Program for Foreign Students. This program gives foreign students entry in the 2 year for four year long DDS course. Consider it as lateral entry which exists in Engineering colleges of India.

Let me expain the DDS entrance procedure to you in details:

~~ For admission in DDS course, you need to have either BDS or MDS degree from India.

~~ You will require to do Transcript Evaluation. The entire process of Transcript Evaluation costs around $85 to $170.

~~ After that appear in the National Dental Board Examination (NBDE) Part 1 examination which is conducted in United States. The fee of this exam is $265. Make sure that you apply for visitor visa for United States well in time you that you could manage to appear in the exam.

~~ There is a requirement that you pass the NBDE Part 1 exam with at least 85 percent marks to be eligible for DDS. If you fail to do so, reappear for the exam after 90 days cooling period.

~~ Apart from NBDE 1 exam you will have to pass TOEFL exam which would cost you $170. Good thing here is that you can appear in this exam from India. There is no need to travel United States.

~~ If you have passed the NBDE and TOEFL exam, just send the application to various colleges in United States for admission in DDS course.

~~ Make sure you have around $100,000 to spend on the DDS course. I know its quite expensive but that's the way it is. Take some bank loan to complete the course. Some banks in United States would give you loan that will also cover your living expenses. However you may require a co signer for that who lives in United States.

Once you have passed the DDS course, you can practice in United States.
25th July 2012, 08:33 PM
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Default Re: How may I get information about Dental studies in USA? I've completed B.D.S in India


-->for admission in this course,you need to have either BDS or MDS degree from india.

-->you will require to do transcript evaluation.the entire process of transcript evaluation costs around $85 to $170.

-->after that appear in NBDE part 1 examination which is conducted in united states.the fee of exam is $265.

-->There is a requirement that you pass the NBDE part 1 exam with atleast 85% marks to be eligible for BDS.



25th April 2021, 08:18 PM
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Default Re: How may I get information about Dental studies in USA? I've completed B.D.S in India

Can indian BDS is come to USA on dependent iseligiable to join in usa colleges
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