Government Colleges in Lawngtlai District, Mizoram


Lawngtlai District is one among the eight districts in the state of Mizoram and the capital of this district is the city of Lawngtlai. The district has 161 villages and four taluks. The district is located at a distance of about 134 kms from the capital of the state being Aizawl. The district is the highly populated in the state and it is holds second position in the state with respect to number of villages.

The district has some of the popular rivers like Tuiphal, Chawnte, Ngengpui and Chhimtuipui river. The average annual rainfall of the district is about 285 cms. The district has four rural development blocks namely Chawgte RD Block, Sangau RD Block, Bungtlang S RD Block and Lawngtlai Block and civil sub-divisions are Sangau Civil Sub-division, Chawngte Civil Sub-division and Lawngtlai Civil Sub-Division.

Specialty of the district:

When compared to the other districts in the state of Mizoram the district of Lawngtlai has different peculiarities and uniqueness. The district has two autonomous district councils and they are Chakma Autonomous District Council and Lai Autonomous District Council with their headquarters are Kamalanagar and Lawngtlai respectively. These two autonomous legislatures are administrated by their own autonomous regions. However, civil administration inclusive of different types of criminal cases comes under the jurisdiction of Deputy Commission.

Education in Lawngtlai District:

When it comes to higher education in the district of Lawngtlai there is only one college in the district that is functioning under the control of the government of Mizoram and the name and some of the details regarding this college are given below:

Lawngtlai Government College

Lawngtlai Government College is a general education institution offers courses in the faculties of Arts and Science. The college offers the best quality education in the streams of arts and science with affiliation from the Mizoram University. The college is wholly funded by the Government of Mizoram and this only government institution in the district offers higher education to both boys and girls not only belonging to the district of Lawngtlai, but also for students from other districts of the state of Mizoram and for students from other states as well.

Thus, even though there is only one college in the district of Lawngtlai, this college contributes towards the educational development of the district by offering the best quality education and by offering bright future citizens to the nation. People belonging to different the communities like Pang, Bawm, Chakmas, Lais, etc…. are benefitted from this educational institution, which is the only source for higher education.



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