IETE DIPIETE-ET (Old Scheme) Television Engineering Papers


The television is the most commonly used form of mass communication. The invention of the television revolutionised the whole society. Now with the television everything is just a click away. There is absolutely nothing that cannot be found on the television. It has everything right from the drama to animal planet to different parts of the world to absolutely anything and everything to offer.

Importance of the paper

This subjects deals with the world of television. It deals with as to how the television works and how are things broadcasted from it r how are the signals received by it turned into the picture display. It is really fascinating. IETE DIPIETE-ET (Old Scheme) Television Engineering Papers thus focuses entirely on the above mentioned fields.


If you have seen other papers of DIPIETE Exam then you will notice that same paper format is followed in all the papers. There will be some objective questions (MCQs) and some descriptive questions.

Total Number Of Questions

As usual 9 questions.

Divisions in the Paper

Sectional Division is not there. Only the objective and descriptive questions are separated. The first questions being completely dedicated for the MCQs and rest for the descriptive ones.

Paper Pattern

Objective questions are 10 in number and with 4 different answers of which one is correct. Descriptive questions are 8 in number, but writing 5 answers will do.


DIPIETE has set 20 marks for objective questions and 80 marks for descriptive ones. The individual marks value for objective questions are 2 marks and for descriptive questions are 16.

Some questions from the question paper

Few topics on which more stress is given are working principle of CCD Camera, Vidicon Camera tube, PAL encoder, Quadrature Modulation, SECAM Coder, NTSC decoder, Automatic Gain Control (AGC), Booster Amplifier, TV Receiver Troubleshooting procedure, RF tuner, monochrome TV transmitter, Turnstile Array Antenna, Automatic Beam Control, difference between 525 and 625 line system, Pin cushion distortion, positive and negative modulation, colorplexed composite video signal etc.

Recommended books

  • Standard Handbook of video and Television Engineering by Jerry Whittaker and Blair Benson
  • Video engineering by Arch Luther and Andrew Inglis
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