IETE DIPIETE-ET/CS (New Scheme) Engineering Mathematics-I Papers


Mathematics I is a paper in the IETE DIPIETE-ET/CS. The required information of this paper is given below.


The importance of mathematics to the study of anything and everything on this planet is known to all. However, mathematics is all the more important to the students of science and technology. For this reason, mathematics is included as a subject in the study of IETE DIPIETE-ET/CS. The principle of mathematics which are necessary to understand the concepts of other subjects are taught.

Pattern of the Paper

There are 9 main questions in the Engineering Mathematics-I question paper. The first question being mandatory contains 10 objective questions with some options.  A separate space is there in the answer sheet for the Question 1 answers. Students are supposed to write their answers only in the prescribed space. The left over eight questions are subjective questions. Students have to answer any five of the eight questions.

Frequently asked questions

Questions can be asked from anywhere in the syllabus, but still there are some areas which the student should prepare extensively. The main topics include limit, continuity, differentiation, integration, matrix, determinant, differential equations, binomial expansions, trigonometric ratios, A.P.,H.P., G.P., and coordinate geometry.

Time and Total Marks of the Exam

Questions of question 1 being objective and that too MCQs has been given 2 marks for every correct attempt and maximum is 20 if they answer all 10 correctly. The paper has another 16 marks questions, which are 8 in number and 5 questions will make 80 marks, which in turn will add up to 100 marks.

Recommended Books

The good books for this subject are R.S. Agarwal, Pal and Das and many other such books.

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