IETE DIPIETE (Old Scheme) Mathematics-I Papers


Paper of Mathematics is the testing of students in terms of Statistics and Permutation & Combination as these are the main topics to be studied for the paper. Also, there must be some kind of preparation in the class 12 standard mathematics for succeeding in this paper.

Importance of the paper:

Paper of Mathematics is a compulsory paper and this would be a compulsory one for every standard of examination. Knowledge in this field is required in lots of sector and there would be demand for the subject in almost every sector.

Overview of the Paper

Paper of mathematics I is consisting of 100 questions in it; these questions are of multiple choices and required to be solved by choosing one correct choice from the given choice. There are no negative marking in the paper and each question is of equal marks.

Questions which are generally seen in the paper

Questions asked in the paper are such astruth table,probability, Matrices, general questions on permutation & combination, Determinants, statements, True or False statements, chromatic number of a given graph, trigonometry, Derivation of a directed spanning tree from a graph,andsteps involved in deriving a spanning tree from the given undirected graph using breadth first search algorithm generating functions etc.

Marks and time you will get in the exam

Total time which can be spending on this paper is 3 hours and marks to be scored by the students are 200. There is a good chance to score full marks in the paper as this is an objective one and students can score if they have good practise in the subject.

Books you can follow

Mathematics by TMH

Mathematics by Golden Publications

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