IETE DIPIETE (Old Scheme) Electrical Engineering Papers


The paper introduces some of the basic concepts of a very important engineering field. Electricalengineering deals with the study of electricity, electrical equipments and their working under different conditions, and ways to improve and enhance their efficiency. It also includes the process of electromagnetism and production of electricity.  

Why Electrical Engineering?

Electrical engineering has vast pools of career opportunities. Every nation has its certain requirement for engineers with expertise in electrical devices. It is very important for the country’s demand of power supply. Career options are available throughout the world for electrical engineers. The IEEE is one of the two professional bodies dealing in electrical engineering.

Overview of the exam paper

The paper consists of a total of 11 questions out of which students have to answer a total of 7 questions. The first question is compulsory and carries 16 marks. Next the paper is divided into part I and part II. From these parts the students have to answer 3 questions each. Each of these questions carries 14 marks.

Questions commonly seen in the paper

Single phase transformer, 3 phase induction motor, solenoid, motor, squirrel cage induction motor, wound rotor, calculation of hysteresis loss and the efficiency of such machines, the calculation of time period and the voltage regulation, shunt and series motors, shunt and series connection of resistances, capacitors and inductors. Stepper motor, numerals relating to the step up and step down transformers, schematic diagram showing the transformer connection, Effect of armature reaction on the performance of D.C. motor, principle of operation of an induction generator etc.

Marks and Time to answer this paper

The paper is of 100 marks and the maximum time given to the students for the exam is 3 hours.

Books you can refer

  • Electrical Engineering by B. L. Thereja
  • Basic Electrical Engineering by T.K. Nagsarkar
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